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Natural Solutions for Industrial Problems!

Nature. An amazing, yet, unutilised tool. Did you know, that many problems we face have solutions in nature? Amazing, right?

Lets go through a few and see what we learn:

1. Pesticides bye bye

Did you know, that you can use flowers as pesticides, to do away with chemicals? How cool is that? This article talks about how strips of wild flowers in the middle of crop fields, can attract pests towards them, reducing the need for chemicals. This is amazing on so many levels, it not only boosts bee populations (yay!), looks great, reduces environmental damage, but also means our food can be healthier as it is not doused in chemicals!

2. Hemp > Trees + Hemp > Cotton + Hemps > Plastics

Did you know, that hemp grows at an incredibly fast rate and is an incredibly versatile plant. It can be used to make paper, toilet paper, clothes, plastics, and much more. As it grows in many conditions, it can be grown anywhere. Plus, it grows at such a fast rate, that its production value is excellent. It is a really great, hardy plant. If we used it, then we could cut down way less trees, use less oil for plastic, and use less natural resources in general. It can kill weeds and replenishes the soil without the use of chemicals – what a miracle plant. This article discusses a flat house made with hemp, so even the future of buildings can be considered by the plant. As agriculture continues to harm the planet, hemp could be the miracle we all need to replace many other resources, without much effort.

3. Natural Animal Farming

Did you know, that there is a farm in England which has rewilded its area to give animals an amazing life on its farm? This article talks about how the farm has much fewer capital demands, gives a better life to the animals, and is hugely better for the environment. Nature takes care of itself. Dung beetles fertilise the soil naturally, for instance, so the nitrate pollution is much less.

4. Natural home products

We are #blessed to live during a time of natural innovation, and this includes home products! Cleaning products can be made using natural ingredients, as can toiletries, which means less chemicals for us and our bodies and homes. Mainly, these are made with natural ingredients meaning the pollution from their creation is much less – hurrah!

5. Living cities

Flowers atop bus stops, plants on roofs, in amongst high rise buildings, and even farm top roofs. These are solutions to inner city pollution and wildlife reduction that are being observed around the world. Imagine every city had living buildings, plants all over combined with the urban landscape. This article discusses how Holland covered hundreds of bus stops with flowers as a gift to bees – hey, and our senses! How beautiful would a mixture of urban and natural, colourful flowers in our cities be? This article talks about green buildings, and check it out they are gorgeous! They can soak up pollution, give life to animals and insects, and improve mental health as green spaces are proven to do. Hurrah!

6. Solar everything!

Wow – we have this resource and know how to use it, so let’s! There are already many solar, and wind for that matter, farms popping up all over the world and slowly but surely taking over from fossil fuels. But, did you know, that even our driving habits can be benefited by solar? Firstly, if we all had solar panels on our roofs, as well as electric cars, we could use the sun to power our cars. Secondly, did you know there is even a solar powered car? The Lightyear One charges itself in the sun, so is wholly sustainable. How incredible is that? When we all transition to electric vehicles, the air will be much cleaner, and we will be digging for less fossil fuels. How amazing, the world will be cleaner, energy will be free coming from the sun, what’s not to love! Many areas also have solar panels on home roofs, this is great to see, the more of us who do this the less coal and nuclear we will have to use – hurrah! Plus, we can heat and cook from electricity instead of gas, so if that electricity is derived cleanly, it would be a boom.

7. Public transport

Busses – aint they just pollution monkeys? Great, to reduce us driving, but they could be better. In cities such as Aberdeen, hydrogen busses are used, producing only water as a biproduct. This is a great idea, and surplus energy from the likes of wind farming which at the moment cannot be stored, could be used to break up water to get hydrogen for the busses. A combining of resources, and industries, wouldn’t that be lovely to see? Hey – maybe we could make solar powered busses too!

8. Rewilding

Rewilding is all about planting life back into areas where it was cut down, plants and flowers, encouraging wildlife to come back. This is great as it reduces pollution, brings back life to areas, and creates new spaces for us to enjoy. Derelict areas in cities, if rewilded, would provide a habitat for bees and other wildlife, plus improve peoples mental health as green spaces are proven to do so. Yay!

9. Medicine

Nature is also medicine. In Chinese culture they use many herbal supplements over big pharma products, plus, the food we eat can keep us healthy enough to not need medicines or get sick. For ailments, plants can be used to sooth us, which is better for the planet as the production of big pharma products is destructive, not to mention bad for our bodies!

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