• Ellen Dodd

Future of Cities

There are no cars on the road, only pedestrians, cyclists and trams which are covered in solar panels to energise them. All the buildings are covered in greenery, and there are fruit trees lining the streets which people eat from. The main mode of transport is monorail, there are raised monorails over the city connecting all people even in the country side. Community based living so fewer houses totally secluded, thus the monorail reaches everyone. There is mostly grass on the floor, with flowers and bushes including berry plants plentiful, as if the whole city is a park. Dogs and cats roam freely. The buildings are tall and made from sustainable materials such as hemp plastic. In the distance there are large greenhouses much like in Holland which provide the food for the city, each city has its own micro food and electricity generation. There are solar panels lining all of the buildings, and the trains as well. The buildings are built in clusters with parklikeness in between them and plenty of trees. The roads for pedestrians and the tram tracks are the only concrete.

On the buildings are greenery and flowers and there are many insects pollinating them, in the city. There is no pollution whatsoever. There are food waste bins along the streets and in the park like city for fruit and such like waste to be reused as mulch for the agriculture. It is all connected. It is standard to use reuseable containers for non perishable foods. There is no factory farming or fast food, but plenty of small cafes. Everyone has a reusable cup for coffee and such like. The greenhouses are much like the eden project in cornwall, huge, so have different climates which are able to grow loads of different foods, so that importation is not needed. There are rooftop gardens on every building along with wind turbines and solar panels, to generate electricity for that building. There are batteries to store the energy for when it is not sunny or windy. The people live together in peace.

There is artwork painted on many of the buildings. As it has evolved from an older civilisation, there are also older buildings which are beautiful, in Asia for instance there would be kept the sacred temples. Old cathedrals and beautiful historic buildings remain in this utopia.

Because of this, there are loads of recycle shops, much like charity shops, and less fast fashion and such like is required because of the sheer volume of stuff that already exists. So people wear a huge mix of clothes from many times and places, its awesome. People freely donate what they no longer need. There are posters lining a lot of the walls of the streets, adding life to them. There are no empty shops as it is community based so people are given spaces to share their gift, whether it be food, healing, selling, or whatever. The internet and electricity is all ran by one service that is by the community for the community – everyone has a role to play.

Sustainable raw materials are used for almost everything, so things like hemp plastic are used. A mixture of natural resources and technology to make them sturdy are used. For things such as mobile phones and bikes, mattresses, there are larger factories outside of the city, but they only make what is needed. There are these micro-factories for each city so not too much is made of anything. Only what is needed is made, what is ordered. There are many craftsmen who make items as their contribution, so the mixture of furniture and stuff is beautiful. Everybody’s job is pretty much their hobby, it is wonderful. Some people decide to give themselves to service and work in the essential industries. Drones mostly take care of the agriculture like in Holland.

There are water fountains all over the city, and irrigation to keep the cities plants alive. The water is clean as there is no pollution or waste, all none perishables are collected in reusable containers. Water treatment is done naturally, without the use of harsh chemicals, using minerals. Like those shower head things. Charcoal and others, I think. Working days are short as everyone works so there are fewer jobs for more people. There is a universal basic income that is the same for everyone regardless, but everyone still happily has a role within the community/city.

There are large tesla coils in the city providing wireless electricity for portable items. Healing is done by energetic methods and sound frequency healing, and meditation and such like is the norm. In schools, children are free to be creative, and are encouraged to meditate and be mindful from a young age. The knowledge of the energetic body and chakras is common and it is standard to keep them in check, that is how healing is done, and immunity is high there is no disease as people keep their energetic bodies healthy boosting their immune system. No one is addicted to anything, but natural drugs are used spiritually and recreationally in moderation. As there is community based living, children are less likely to suffer trauma because they are encouraged to discuss their feelings from a young age. The parents are less likely to abuse their children because the collective emotional intelligence is really high, due to this education from a young age. Much like in finland, children are taught about empathy. There is less tv because people are kept busy with their lives, but still creation of film etc is made to tell stories. Fame is not important. The city is ran by civil servants who go into the field because they love it, not for personal gain.

The main thing in my perfect city, is the people live in peace, race is not an issue. Status does not exist. Love is the governing force, and the energy is clean.


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