• Ellen Dodd

Dancing for the Soul

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Dancing is one of those things that just makes anyone happy right? Even if you say you don’t dance – you do. A friend once said to me “isn’t it weird how we have a natural instinct to dance when we hear music?” – and yeah, it is.

It’s within us to boogie, and we have the gift of music to do it to. Ever been at a wedding or event, and ended up have a wiggle with a bunch of strangers, and in that moment you guys are best friends and have known each other forever? That’s the magic of dancing! It’s a method of self-expression, and expressing ourselves creatively is what humans were naturally designed to do. It might just even be the ticket you need to get some inspiration for a project you’re working on!

But how can it heal us? Well, the natural movement of our body gets it moving in the ways it was meant to, and can loosen up our joints. If you suffer from stiffness, throwing on your fav choons and having a little boogie could genuinely help loosen them up, allowing you to move more easily in everyday life. If you suffer from muscle pain, starting small and building up could just be the trick to unknotting and releasing some of that pain.

Also, it gets energy moving around and shifted, our chi, prana, electromagnetic energy, all the same stuff. When we dance it moves it around the body, raising our energetic vibration – woohoo! This helps us feel good, and is in fact an instant mood lifter. Emotions are also energy, and moving our body around to our favourite music can help shift them around to be released, healing us on a deeper level. Who knew such a normal act could have so many benefits, right?

Singing along does this too, for real. Energetically, it helps us unlock our throat chakra and strengthen it up. And, as above, a good sing can release all that pent-up emotional energy we have stuck within us. If we’re sad, we might even cry, also a great release of emotions and toxins from the body. Much easier, and more fun, than sitting in our bad emotions. Just have a sing and a dance! Even if we feel good, boosting our mood is never a bad thing to do.

Our outer world reflects our inner world, so when we are feeling good and have a high vibration, the way we perceive our outer reality is automatically better. Crazy, right?

So, there it is, maybe try a lil dance and sing tonight and see if you feel any better afterwards. It could just be the medicine you need. And, its free! And fun! And, you can do it however you damn like, there’s no rules when it comes to self-expression.

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